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My Wedding Suppliers is an independent UK wedding platform for both couples and wedding businesses. We collaborate and work in partnership with the some of the biggest brands in the wedding industry to help couples find the right wedding venues and suppliers.

A simple wedding platform

Founded in the UK , My Wedding Suppliers was established by wedding industry professionals and digital marketing experts. In a complex and crowded industry where clarity and simplicity lacks, our primary goal is to simply connect couples with trusted wedding brands and professionals.

Featuring Over 7,000 UK Wedding Venues

A Connective Experience – Bridging The Complex Gap

By utilising our core digital, experience and industry knowledge, we don’t just connect people, we thrive to create connective experiences using new technologies and data insights.

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Your One-Stop-Shop For Wedding Suppliers and Venues

Our approach to serving couples planning their weddings in the UK is built on collaboration and partnership. We understand that each wedding is unique and that couples have diverse preferences and needs.

To ensure that we provide comprehensive and tailored services, we actively engage with wedding businesses and brands operating in various locations throughout the UK.

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