Wedding Reading Ideas For Your Ceremony

Wedding Reading Ideas & Writing Tips Wedding reading ideas can be generated from a wide range of concepts. Whether you are planning a honourous wedding reading or serious reading, there’s a lot of things to consider. One main thing to remember is that you want to write a beautiful wedding piece that will embody the […]

Groom Wedding Speech Examples

Giving a groom’s speech is no piece of cake. In fact, if you don’t do a good job of planning for it, there’s a good chance you could end you flopping. Either you’ll do a bad job of writing the speech, so that it doesn’t contain beautiful anecdotes, thoughtful and charming comments about your bride

Bride Wedding Speech Ideas for Your Wedding

Giving the bride’s speech is no easy task. After a long and emotional day, you’ll be ready to drink some champagne, enjoy your dinner, and dance. But before you can do this, you must contribute to one of the most anticipated parts of the whole reception: you must deliver the bride’s speech. Now, you can […]

Best Man Speech – Ideas, Advice & More

Writing the best man speech for a wedding can be daunting for many. Despite wedding planning, from the introduction to the conclusion, there’s a lot to consider when writing a best man wedding speech. Of course humour also plays a key part. Whether you are thinking of a funny best man speech or an emotional […]

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