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Our spectacular Personalised Mexican Wedding Bunting (‘papel picado’) features your names in the detailing of the flags. These elegant traditional Mexican wedding flags are a truly unique reception decor option as they are still very rare outside Mexico! The flags are made-to-order either all in white, or in your select wedding colours (choose from over 50 different colours).

We produce the flags in just 4 weeks, either from tissue paper, a great sustainable wedding decor option; or from waterproof plastic, a great waterproof outdoor wedding decor option. And shipping takes 2-3 days with FedEx to the UK or worldwide.

Each flag measures 47cm x 35cm (18.5″x13.5″), and there are 10 flags per 5 metres (16.4ft) of bunting. In our Personalised Mexican Wedding bunting the names flag appears after every two traditional flags. However we can use any flag designs you wish from our large catalogue of flag designs, for example you could have your names flag repeated along all the garlands or alternating with your initials in a flag. Or you can send us your own flag design based on your invitation perhaps. And regarding garland lengths, we make the garlands to the exact lengths that your venue requires.

Every order of Personalised Mexican Wedding Bunting comes with a set of free personalised matching waving flag favours! – the same quantity as the total metres of bunting that you buy (so for example if you buy 200 metres of bunting, you’ll get 200 free waving flags!) The flags are great reception table decor, placed in vases with flowers, or slotted into each napkin place setting! They are personalised with the couple’s names and made from tissue paper either all in white or in your chosen wedding colours. Each personalised favour flag measures 15cm x 12cm (5.9″ x 4.7″) and is attached to a 30cm/1ft wooden cocktail stick.

Mexican wedding bunting looks amazing combined with white fairy lights, it really creates a fairy-tale wedding panorama that you will never ever forget!

Contact us now to discuss placing your Personalised Mexican Wedding Bunting order! xxx

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