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Creating your dream wedding ceremony, a vow renewal ceremony or any other ceremony – your way. No compromises or standard formats, each ceremony is written just for you. Get in touch with me today to see how we can make your ceremony awesome together.

Wedding Ceremonies – A marriage celebrant is the person who does most of the talking at your Wedding Ceremony. They are also in charge of the laughs, of telling your love story and also describing the importance of the meaning of that moment in time as you pass through to become husband and wife. I’m the celebrant you hire if the marriage ceremony is the best and most important part of your wedding! (other than each other!) – PRICE IN THE UK: £450*

Renewal of your Vows – Anyone like you who has gone through a Wedding Ceremony, a commitment ceremony, a civil ceremony or has exchanged vows can decide to renew their vows. Any couple can hold a renewal of vows ceremony anywhere, and at any point in their marriage. There are no legalities involved in renewing your vows. It is a symbolic ceremony designed to celebrate and re-confirm your love. – PRICE IN THE UK: £400*

Baby Namings – A baby blessing, or naming ceremony is the perfect way to introduce your loved ones and friends to the newest member of your family. Whether this newborn is brought together through birth or adoption, Baby Blessings and Naming Ceremonies offer a beautiful opportunity to welcome and child into your world. This is an awesome ceremony designed to signify your union as a family together. – PRICE IN THE UK: £250*

A celebrant not only creates and performs wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, renewal of vow ceremonies and funeral ceremonies – but any milestone or significant event in your life!! These could include such events or milestones such as:

A retirement

A birthday

An engagement party

Opening of a new business

An Invocation – this is a ceremonial statement at the beginning of a special occasion or gathering

Dedication – When work on a large project is complete and a few words are needed from someone

Pet ceremonies – a short funeral or memorial

Pet ceremonies – not to forget the lighthearted dog weddings, and celebration events for the birth of a litter of puppies are now occasionally held.

This list is not exhaustive, but gives you the idea and scope of a Celebrant. I would love to help you with your ceremony, so please give me an email or a call and lets start planning your memorable day


* Travel of 50 miles or more from my office just may incur a small cost for the fuel.

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