Wedding Photography Tips

Taking great wedding photographs is not something that will happen by chance. Many couples used to put disposable cameras on the tables of their reception area so that guests could snap candid shots but usually, these photos came out in such poor quality that it just isn’t done that often anymore. Even professional photographers often need some wedding photography tips to help hone their talent! Very often the tastes of brides change and they expect something different from their photographer than brides did a few years ago. So what are some simple wedding photography tips to improve your work and your product?

General Wedding Photography Tips

Remember that quite a bit happens at a wedding’s reception that you’ll need to photograph, and people often aren’t ready to pose at the reception. They’re too busy dancing, eating, and socialising with one another. Some compare wedding photography tips with tips that photographers use to capture action shots at sporting events. You need to anticipate what’s going to happen next to create unique wedding photos similar to other professional wedding photographers. A little boy is approaching the dessert table – is he going to just stand there with wide eyes or stick his finger in one of the desserts? The bride and groom are ready to make their exit – does it look like the parents are going to cry? Anticipating what’s going to happen next is one of those very important but often overlooked wedding photography tips.

Some simple wedding photography tips
Wedding Photography by Nathan

Play up your angles and focus as well. Too often wedding photos look like something you would see in an encyclopedia – everything is in the exact centre of the frame and every detail is in that one photo. Some wedding photography tips for these cases are to zoom in on one detail of an item – a single flower on the wedding cake or in the bride’s bouquet, or the flower on the groom’s lapel. This makes the viewer feel that much closer to these items.

Wedding Photography Tips for Portraits

When taking wedding portraits to be sure to get a little creative with the poses. Have the couple look at each other rather than at you. They can be running along a sidewalk or even walking away from the camera. Be sure to get in close when doing headshots so that you can capture the expression of the subjects. These wedding photography tips will make the viewer feel up close and personal with the subjects but will also dress up your photographs so that they don’t resemble every other portrait out there. Add decorative elements to the poses such as pulling the bride’s veil in front of the couple or having them pose in front of a striking landmark or sunset.

And remember to get creative as well. No wedding photography tips will make up for your own talent and imagination. Try to get a feeling for the bride’s personality and the personality of the wedding overall and make sure your photos complement this and you’ll have some great photos everyone will treasure.


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