Photographers in Sheffield

Professional wedding photography is one of the most sought-after services in Sheffield. After all, the entire family wants to have a lasting collection in the form of photographs. When it comes to choosing the right person for this important job, you need to take a lot of things into consideration.

The Wedding Photographer’s Style

As wedding photographers in Sheffield, we use a variety of styles in the way that takes photos that reflect your mood during that all-important day. Two of the most popular styles used in wedding photography are; ‘photojournalistic‘ and ‘portrait’. Before choosing your photographer, have a look at the photographer’s portfolio and make your decision based on your taste.

Portrait Photography

The portrait style photography is more about clicking posed photos, that is, shots that are pre-decided between the photographer and the photographed. An increasing number of wedding photographers in Sheffield use this style, as couples tend to opt more for such pictures.

Photojournalistic Photography

If you want casual shots for your wedding album, opt for the services of a photographer with the photojournalistic approach. Such a person usually takes shots that are not planned, and because of this, they are mostly casual. These cameramen usually come from the field of journalism photography, where they are attuned to clicking spontaneous shots.

Photojournalistic wedding photography involves the photographer being the bride and groom’s shadow, following them through the day and taking pictures. You will not need any time for set-up or moving equipment, but you’ll have less control over what and who gets photographed. Your pictures will be of people interacting and moving, like a storybook of your wedding day.

If you decide to go with this style of photography, you’ll have low stress, high energy pictures. Every shot will show the excitement of your big day, and photos will be taken with the photographer’s creativity and vision. Your wedding will be captured in a more natural and authentic way, going through the day, instead of a series of posed pictures.

Photojournalistic photography is for you if:

  • You do not want to schedule time for set-up
  • You want silly, potentially embarrassing photos
  • You want the pictures telling the ‘story’ of your wedding
  • You’d like pictures of people being them while in their best dress
  • You want the energy and incentive kept in the pictures

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography puts more emphasis on quality and posed pictures. You’ll need time to set things up for the shots, getting people together, and relocating any equipment. This ensures you get the exact pictures you want, with a lot of control over the pose and location. A disadvantage to this style is the stress that may be involved with the set-up, and your pictures will look like they’ve been set-up.

If you decide to go with this style of photography, it will give you a great wedding album. Traditional wedding pictures turn out often looking like a photo shoot rather than a wedding day. This can be to your advantage to have pictures taken specifically to go on pages in a scrapbook or album.

Traditional photography is for you if:

  • You have time for the set-up
  • You know what kind of pictures you want
  • You want to avoid photos of silly or potentially embarrassing moments
  • You want a traditional, old-fashioned look to the pictures
  • You’d like posed photos of all the guests in their best dress

And of course, you will always have the amateur photographer lurking around the corner. In all probability, this person will be your friend or relative, waiting to start clicking at every possible opportunity. If you opt for his services, do not expect too much of a professional touch in your wedding photographs.

Wedding Photographers in Sheffield - Different Photo Styles to Consider
A natural wedding moment captured by Nathan M Photography

Camera & Film

Most wedding photographers use two basic types of cameras – 35mm and medium format. Though there’s not much of a difference between the two, photos shot using the former give a slightly grainier appearance on escalation. Nevertheless, laypersons will not be able to identify this graininess unless the photographs are enlarged too much.

You can also choose between coloured and Black & White films based on your taste. Although considered traditional, the Black & White format has come back into the use of late. However, before finalising your option, to ensure that your photographer is adept at taking equally good pictures in both forms.