Are you celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary? Perhaps you’re helping loved ones to commemorate this milestone occasion? Either way, finding the perfect gift couldn’t be more important! Luckily, we’ve brought you these fantastic suggestions for ruby-inspired gifts that any recipient is sure to love.

The Symbolism Of Rubies For The 40th Wedding Anniversary

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The 40th wedding anniversary represents a time for a major celebration. Most wedding anniversary years have their own symbols, and traditionally, rubies are the gift associated with forty years of happy marriage.

There’s a lot of symbolism linked with this rich, vibrantly red precious stone. Not only does it represent devotion, passion and romance, it also represents wisdom and health. All of these qualities make it an ideal symbol for this all-important marital milestone. That’s because all of these factors have played a vital role in the success of a four-decade-long union.

Rubies themselves are a fantastic place to begin your search for the ideal gift. But they aren’t the only way of interpreting this symbol as a 40th wedding anniversary memento. For example, you could take your gift inspiration from the signature scarlet colour of the ruby. Choose a fashion piece or piece of artwork for the recipient that reflects this bright shade. Alternatively, why not opt for an indulgent treat such as chocolate that makes its own nod to rubies?

However high or low your budget, you can be sure we’ll suggest something here that will tick all your boxes.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts For The Ruby Wedding

For any couple celebrating their ruby wedding, it probably only seems two minutes since they were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary! Two decades ago, the symbolic gift of china was the order of the day. Now, twenty years on, the gift symbols have become signficantly more precious in line with the longevity and success of your marriage.

Are you the traditional type? If so, a classic ruby gift is the ideal way to mark the 40th wedding anniversary. It’s fair to say that rubies don’t come cheap. However, if you’re happy to splash out, they’re a beautiful token of appreciation and love.

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Perhaps the most obvious choice for a husband to give his wife on their ruby wedding anniversary is a ruby eternity ring. Symbolising a passion that has lasted for forty years, a stunning ring is a perfect way to mark the occasion. Alternatively, if your wife would prefer another piece of jewellery, a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings studded with rubies would be ideal.

If you’re buying for the man in your life, on the other hand, what could be better than a pair of ruby-encrusted cufflinks? Elegant, sophisticated and luxurious, they represent a spectacular way to set off any smart outfit.

Whether you’re buying for a man or a woman, a watch is a suitable and appealing present idea. While a woman may love the extravagance and beauty of a ruby encrusted watch face, a man may prefer something less flashy. A deep red quality leather strap or red inlaid watch face could be the perfect nod to the occasion.

Seeing Red With Ruby-Inspired Gifts

 Perhaps you can’t stretch your budget to accommodate an actual ruby gift. Or maybe you’d just rather go with something non-traditional? Either way, take inspiration from the vibrant red of this gem and choose a colourful present instead.

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There’s no shortage of beautiful red gifts that are sure to be appreciated by any recipient. How about a pair of matching red silk pyjamas, perhaps with monogrammed details? Or some luxury ruby-red Egyptian cotton towels? A beautiful piece of red artwork or a red ornament for the home would be ideal choices. Or how about a stunning designer red handbag or purse? A pair of engraved wine goblets with a bottle of the ruby red stuff won’t disappoint. Or what about some gorgeous red serving bowls or dinner plates that will be both practical and stylish?

There really are plenty of present ideas that take the rich red of a ruby as their inspiration. How about a luxury red candle in a jewelled red jar? Or a red photo frame with an image of the couple on their wedding day inside it? Maybe a red leather scrapbook in which the recipients can keep their precious mementos and memories? Any of these are sure to hit the spot for the happy pair.

Thinking Laterally With Unusual Gifts

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The traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary may be a ruby but that doesn’t mean you can’t think laterally. If you’re keen to find an unusual gift that still captures the essence of this milestone, here are a few unique suggestions.


What could be more romantic than a beautiful bunch of ruby red roses? Sending a gorgeous bouquet is a particularly good way to mark this occasion. There are even several roses that have the word “ruby” in their name. One is even called the “Ruby Wedding” rose. Your florist can help you put together a stunning bouquet that perfectly reflects this anniversary year.

Sweet Treats

Perhaps the celebrating couple aren’t into jewellery or flowers. However, they probably love sweet treats! Ruby chocolate truffles would be an interesting and unusual take on this anniversary’s theme. Thanks to its fruitier and lighter taste than traditional chocolate, ruby chocolate would be an extravagant and indulgent treat for any recipient.

Thinking Outside The Box

For movie or musicals enthusiasts, how about a pair of red shoes – a unique take on Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz! Or for those who would appreciate an experience as well as a little indulgence, how about treating them to a special afternoon tea. Of course, you’d need to make sure that some red velvet cake was served as part of the occasion!

Another “outside the box” gift idea comes in the form of an alcohol-related present. Ruby port, ruby whiskey or ruby gin could all be a suitable choice for a celebrating couple whole enjoy a tipple. Meanwhile, perhaps the most unusual yet most fun suggestion is to book the recipients into an Indian cookery workshop. Why? Well, who doesn’t love a ruby murray… Curry! Experiences are rapidly becoming a top way to celebrate milestone anniversaries. So, what better way to help the couple in question have a memorable time than by letting them learn something new together?

Celebrating The 40th Wedding Anniversary In Style

The 40th wedding anniversary is a major milestone for any couple. Whether you’re celebrating yourself or whether you’re helping loved ones to mark their big day, it’s certainly a time to be joyful. With one of our suggested gifts, you’ll have all the inspiration you need to make the day memorable.