Are you celebrating your own 45th wedding anniversary? Perhaps you’re helping your loved ones to commemorate this milestone year? Either way, it’s important to recognise the achievement of reaching 45 years of happy marriage!

Like most wedding anniversary years, the 45th has its own unique symbol, although it isn’t well known as that associated with the last major milestone. The 40th, or Ruby Wedding anniversary is famous for its traditional gift. However, just 5 years on, fewer people are aware that forty five years of wedded bliss is marked by an equally beautiful gem – the sapphire.

Here, we take a closer look at how you can mark this important occasion with gorgeous gifts that are sure to impress.

Why Sapphires For The 45th Wedding Anniversary?

You may already know that the symbol chosen for each anniversary year is picked for its unique qualities. These are said to represent the key features reflected in each milestone year. To mark 45 years of marriage, the traditional symbol is the sapphire. This is because sapphires indicate successful love – perfect for celebrating such a long union. Interestingly, legend has it that if sapphires lose their deep blue shade, the wearer’s affections are waning.

Traditional Sapphire Anniversary Gifts

Jewellery, Neck, Jewelry, Necklace

Whether you’re buying for your partner or a loved one, a traditional sapphire gift is sure to delight. Whether the recipient is male or female, they’re sure to love sapphire jewellery.

A gorgeous sapphire encrusted watch is sure to be appreciated by both men and women. What could be more beautiful or, indeed, more practical? Or, for the special lady in your life, a beautiful pendant or choker-style necklace with a lovely sapphire stone inset into it? Sapphire earrings, or a sapphire bracelet are also likely to be equally appreciated.

Of course, there can be no more appropriate gift for the love of your life on your 45th wedding anniversary than an eternity ring. A stunning sapphire eternity band will mark the occasion in the most fitting and romantic way. Men needn’t miss out on the symbolism of a sapphire ring either. There are plenty of gorgeous sapphire rings that will show your partner just how much they’re still loved after all these years. Alternatively, if the special man in your life isn’t a ring-wearer, you could opt for a pair of sapphire cufflinks instead.

Taking Inspiration From The Sapphire

Vase, Blue, Glass, Ornament, Flower

Sapphires may be beautiful, but they don’t come cheap. If you’d love to stick with this year’s theme but are on a budget, we have some gift ideas for you. Sapphires are well-known for their beautiful blue shade. Take inspiration from this gorgeous colour when choosing a gift for your loved ones.

Choose a pair of blue wine glasses to mark the occasion. You could present them with a bottle of their favourite wine too! Even better, engrave the glasses with their names and the date for an extra personal touch. Alternatively, choose an elegant blue vase. You’ll be acknowledging the theme of the year while also giving an affordable yet beautiful gift.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to choose a gift that’s a little more practical? Some blue bedlinen, blue cushions, or a stylish blue throw could fit the bill perfectly.

Off The Wall 45th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Iris, Blossom, Bloom, Blue, Flower

Is your recipient not a very traditional person? Perhaps you’re not a fan of giving traditional gifts yourself? Well, never fear, we have some great off the wall ideas for great 45th wedding anniversary presents.

Floral gifts are always a great choice for any anniversary year. The blue iris is the flower associated with this milestone. What could be better than a lovely bouquet of these blossoms in a blue vase?

Is your recipient a gin lover? Then why not think laterally and give a bottle of Bombay Sapphire to mark the occasion? You’ll be giving a subtle nod to the theme without going all out for tradition!

Personalised gifts are a great choice for all kinds of recipient. What about a personalised print or photographic gift? A wedding photo in a blue frame won’t break the bank and will be a lovely lasting memento. Especially if you have the frame engraved with their anniversary date and a personal message.

Make The 45th Wedding Anniversary Special

Whether it’s you who is celebrating or someone important in your life, marking the 45th wedding anniversary milestone is vital! Hopefully, we’ve given you all the ideas you need to choose the perfect gift. From jewellery to flowers, we’ll help you celebrate in style!