In light of the current public health situation, it’s certain most couples getting married in the coming weeks or months will be highly affected. While there are many options to consider, it’s also just as important you explore the best options available before rushing and canceling your wedding plans. 

You might be considering canceling or rescheduling your wedding, but what exactly do you need to do or know before making your final decision? We have asked over 2,000 wedding suppliers on our website. Here are some responses to help you make an informed decision.

I’m stressed about Coronavirus (COVID-19). How should I approach wedding suppliers?

“Although it’s a horrible decision to make, try to keep calm. We have spoken to many couples in regard to the ongoing situation. All suppliers and venues we have spoken to are all being very understanding and are willing to help anyone.” – – VIP Booths Ltd

“Your suppliers will completely understand and empathise with how you’re feeling right now. It’s a worrying time for everyone and we’re all expecting emails from couples who are concerned. Simply reach out and let them know that you’re worried, mentioning anything that may specifically be stressing you. 

Coronavirus (covid-19) – What Should I Do About My Upcoming Wedding?
Photography by Sam & Louise Photography

Your suppliers should be able to reassure you about their own plans and intentions when it comes to your wedding. If you are panicking, please reach out. We all want to help as much as we can.” – Sam & Louise Photography

“Try to be clear about what your concerns are and write down your questions in order of priority. Your questions should cover things like their current status, staffing, health and safety risk and also what they can do to mitigate the problem for you and for them. They may have alternative options but consider being collaborative in finding a solution so listen carefully and be open-minded.

In the first instance, try to find out their capacity for a smaller group size or a different date. If it’s a venue then they might have some dates in mind. You should also consider going for a date later in the year or defer to another year.  You might also want to check your wedding insurance carefully in relation to the current crisis.” –  Yvonne Beck Celebrant

“Phone, email, message – it doesn’t really matter how, it matters that you do. We, wedding suppliers, are an understanding bunch, we know how hard this is for you and how stressful this is right now. But reach out, get in touch and see what your options are. What are the terms & conditions around canceling/ rescheduling? When you know your options you can make educated decisions.

Your wedding planner, if you have one, should be making all those calls for you and presenting you with a contingency plan and an options plan. Hope for  the best, plan for the worst and you’ll be covered.” – Lorna at MyOhMy Weddings

What should I do if my wedding is in the Midst of the Coronavirus?

“Contact all of your suppliers for confirmation of contingency plans, with your venue first. Most wedding suppliers are small businesses, a lot of who I know are offering to honour current bookings. They are also happy to move bookings to a new date if necessary with little or no additional fees. I have also heard some couples are choosing a small intimate ceremony with a big party to follow at a later date.” – Tipple in a TukTuk

“It’s normal to panic is the current situation, however, it’s just as important you keep calm and make the right decision. Postponing the date might be a good idea, most suppliers including myself (Nathan M Photography) are happy to arrange at no cost providing the date is still available.” – Nathan M Photography

Coronavirus (covid-19) – What Should I Do About My Upcoming Wedding?
Photography by Nathan M Photography

“The situation and official advice is changing daily, so be clear on what your venue expects and their terms & conditions in case you have to postpone your big day. 

The key is communication: if you think you may have to defer, you not only have to discuss with your venue to ensure you won’t be penalised (most venues are fairly flexible in the current climate) but also double-check your suppliers’ availability for possible new dates as you may have to make changes if dates later are taken. It is likely that some guests will stay away, especially if they are at greater risk from the virus.” – The Sax Man

“Don’t panic! At the moment, there is no ban on gatherings; so ensure you, your partner and your family stay safe and follow all advice given by the government” – Yorkshire Yurts

“This will vary on many factors….is it just a small ceremony with you 2 and no guests? Can the celebrant/registrar/vicar attend? Is your venue open? Can your guests make it? Are they in isolation?

Many people are postponing as they have vulnerable relatives or people who will have contact with them. It’s a really hard situation to find yourselves in, but keep in mind that businesses are going through the same thing so they are being more flexible than they would be ordinarily.” – Gemma Quinton Floral Design

“If the date is imminent and falls within the restrictions that the government of the country has made, a delay of perhaps 1 month or 2 months must be considered without panicking. Everything will pass soon” – Daniele Donati Films

Should I postpone my wedding due to coronavirus?

“No one wants to postpone their wedding. If you have members of close family, who you would really want to be at your wedding, who are either in isolation or maybe stuck elsewhere due to travel bans, then speak to your suppliers to see what your options are. 

No one knows how long this pandemic will last, so there is no straight answer. You have to do what feels right for you and your partner.” – Yorkshire Yurts

“If you are due to be married in the next month, possibly a little longer, then yes postponing should be on your mind if you want to have the special day you originally planned. If you decide to go ahead and are allowed by your venue, then expect guests to drop out due to self-isolation or social distancing. 

Most companies and suppliers are allowing guests to change the date of their event without penalty. This is a realistic option if you want to celebrate with all your friends and family as planned.” – Hayley at Blacknest Golf and Country Club

Coronavirus (covid-19) – What Should I Do About My Upcoming Wedding?
Photo Credit – Blacknest Golf and Country Club

“It’s a difficult one. I would say keep an eye on the government’s updates and just make sure you have contingencies in place, just in case you do have to postpone your wedding.” – The Lens People

“This will depend on a number of things.  I’ve just had someone postpone due to a close family member not being able to attend.  Some couples want to go ahead as they don’t have many older relatives.  

Is it possible to change your date with your venue and suppliers?  My advice, especially for April weddings is to postpone if you can.  Most suppliers are offering this service free of charge. I just think the anxiety caused by not knowing if your day will happen because of factors beyond your control can be overwhelming.” – Cheshire Wedding Cakes

How can I stop coronavirus from ruining my wedding day?

“Be as prepared as you can be and communicate your concerns to your venue and your guests. So that might be by ensuring health and safety is maintained at the venue. 

Your guests know the risks of attending and are at least risk because of their good health etc. Be sure to also ask those who are vulnerable or elderly or with underlying health conditions not to attend. There may be a smaller number at your wedding but you’ll still be marrying the love of your life.” – Yvonne Beck Celebrant

“Unfortunately no matter how big or small your day was planned, the whole world is experiencing the effects of Coronavirus. To avoid ruining your day you should try your hardest to ensure your guests and family’s health and concerns are put first. 

Live streaming days for guests unable to make it may be an option, or some guests are choosing to have the official ceremony when booked but postpone the reception until later on once everyone is ready for a big party. If your venue would allow this then that might be a cost-effective solution.” Hayley at Blacknest Golf and Country Club

“Nothing – not even coronavirus – should ruin your day.  If you have an understanding venue and suppliers who can be flexible, you are at least half-way towards a perfect day!  Choose good-quality suppliers – and don’t go for the cheapest!” – Tim – The Sax Man

“Be sensible and communicate with everyone. 

1. If you are poorly or fall in the at risk group, stay at home – make that decision early.

2. Communicate the contingencies should there be a ban on gatherings to your guests.

3. Brief guests on handwashing stations and any plans/ strategies. Be sure to also check what plans the venue/ suppliers have for lowering the risk of the infection.

4. Have hand gels at the ready, you can make your own beautifully scented ones.

5. Be open and adaptable, if things have to change, accept and move on – remember the reason for the wedding – you are marrying the person you love – the party is a bonus!

6. For those with a dark sense of humour, gift hand sanitiser or masks as favours! ” – MyOhMy Weddings

Coronavirus (covid-19) – What Should I Do About My Upcoming Wedding?

“This is a difficult one as none of us know how the situation will develop over time. If you are going ahead put in place lots of precautions in conjunction with your suppliers.” – Infinite celebrations by Jas

Will my honeymoon be affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

“Potentially yes. Travel bans are in place and borders are closed in many parts of the world. Travel industries are working hard to mitigate the impact of these on you and their clients. 

If you have travel plans between now and September 2020, speak to your booking agent or travel company to review your options, most are offering no quibble vouchers to re-book when you are ready or transferring your booking to another date later in the year.”-  Lorna – MyOhMy Weddings

“This is dependent on where you are going. If you were planning on traveling to a country with a travel ban in place, there is a chance you may not be allowed to go. 

Keep an eye on your travel providers’ advice and guidelines, you may be able to rearrange it to elsewhere, to another date or cancel going abroad altogether. I know some couples are now planning their honeymoon to stay somewhere nice in the UK for now.” – Yorkshire Yurts

“You need to discuss all the implications with the travel agent/airline/hotel etc. At the moment travel is severely restricted throughout the world.” – Tim Clarke – The Sax Man

Will my wedding dress be affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

“At this stage, it shouldn’t be. If there is a lockdown, wedding dress shops may have to close for a period of time. If you can, speak with your dress supplier now, find out is your dress in the UK? Can you collect it or will they hold it for you if you choose to postpone?

Are alterations being completed? Can these be hurried, can you have a fitting in the next week or so? Can you be fitted at the seamstress’ home rather than the shop? Ask what contingencies the dress suppliers have.” – MyOhMy Weddings

“This will depend on your vendor. Lots of wedding dress companies order from the far east or countries which are heavily impacted by the virus like Italy. There will be local suppliers though that can still facilitate your needs.” – Pure Photo N.I

Coronavirus (covid-19) – What Should I Do About My Upcoming Wedding?
Photography by Pure Photo N.I

Coronavirus wedding insurance: Am I covered?

“You will need to speak to your provider.  From what I have seen in the wedding industry so far, postponing your day may not cost you anything. 

Speak to your supplier about their terms and conditions.  Some wedding venues may not be able to offer postponement, this is when you may need to use your insurance!”  – Cheshire Wedding Cakes

“Most wedding insurance will not cover for coronavirus. Get in touch with your insurance company to double-check.” – Pure Photo N.I

“You will have to read the small print carefully and contact them to clarify as policies differ from one to the other especially when it comes to Force Majeure which we are dealing with currently.” – Tipple in a TukTuk

Extra Wedding Advice In Relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

“Please don’t panic. Your suppliers want your wedding to go ahead as much as you do and will do all in their power to ensure that they are fit, healthy and well enough to be present for your wedding. Things are uncertain at the moment and it’s the uncertainty that’s the most worrying thing. 

Be pro-active and have contingency plans in place ready to go with your venue and suppliers in the event that the Government does stop weddings going ahead. It will give you something to do that feels positive and progressive. It also gives you something to fall back on. 

By all means, don’t rush into anything, but it probably is a good idea to have a heart to heart with your partner sooner rather than later to establish how you both feel about the possibility of having to postpone. Again, we’d recommend planning for the worst, whilst hoping for the best.”

It’s unclear at this point, how much the current situation will develop over the coming months, and whether the isolation and containment measures will increase. If weddings are canceled or postponed due to the virus, I appreciate that it is completely out of the couple’s control and for this reason I would like to be as accommodating as possible!

“Please don’t panic. We are here for you, and want your special day to go ahead as planned, just as much as you do! A lot of us suppliers are very flexible and will work with you to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Some of us are adjusting our normal T&C’s in light of the current situation, and are offering you the chance to reschedule. We are here to offer as much as advice as we can, with the information we have received from the government and from officials. We want to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask!”

“You don’t have to panic, it will soon be a bad memory, especially as soon as the summer heat arrives. Therefore I advise you to remain calm and evaluate situations without prejudice and only if there are really impossibilities to carry out the marriage on a short-term date, evaluate a possible postponement of 1, 2 or 3 months. 

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