What Is The Mr And Mrs Game?

A wedding brings all friends and family together. It is an occasion to be celebrated and cherished, so it is not surprising that people want to have some fun during the event. Many couples include a number of games at their wedding celebrations and one of the most popular games is the Mr and Mrs Game. Here’s a look at what it is all about:

What is the History of the Game?

The Mr and Mrs game can be traced back to the 1970s. The original game was introduced in the form of a television show. Couples who participated needed to answer questions about their partner to show how well they knew them. The game was very popular and the theme was ideal for weddings, which is why people started to incorporate the game into weddings, making it a popular wedding tradition. Today, the Mr and Mrs Game is a common addition to hen parties and enjoyed by friends and family alike.

What Happens During the Game?

This game is pretty simple to play and understand. The bride and groom are asked a series of predetermined questions to see how well they know their partners. If they get their answers wrong, they need to take a shot as punishment. This game can be as easy or as complicated as you wish. You can also modify what kind of punishment is included in the game.

For example, if the bride or groom doesn’t drink alcohol, you can replace it with something different. You can turn this into a charity campaign with the punishment being a small donation to the opposing party’s favourite charity. The game is quite versatile and can easily be adapted for different kinds of weddings and couples. You don’t have to follow the format strictly if you don’t want to.

When is it Played?

The Mr and Mrs Game is typically played during bachelorette or hen parties. It doesn’t happen during or after the actual wedding ceremony. You can make it a wedding reception
game too if you’re not hosting a hen party. It is easy to find the most interesting questions for this game and get to know each other as well. Make sure everything is light-hearted and fun so you can have a good time. There are few rules and a lot of potential to make this game truly entertaining. The aim is to have a good time and celebrate the relationship.

How To Play the Mr & Mrs Game

Once you know what the Mr and Mrs Game is all about, it is easy to figure out how to play it. The rules are pretty flexible and you can change things to suit your preferences. The basic structure of how to play this game is described below.

Prepare The Questions

The very first step is to prepare a series of questions for the game. Make sure the questions are harmless and fun. Don’t include any serious topics that might cause embarrassment to the bride or groom. The last thing anyone wants is to make their special day unpleasant in any way.

Write The Questions Down

Write all of the questions down on small pieces of paper and fold them to ensure the questions aren’t visible. You might need to print out a copy of the list for the groom so he can have answers for all of the questions ready in advance. This ensures the host of the game knows whether the bride has answered the questions correctly or not.

Film it

You can keep things fair and fun by filming the groom answering all of the questions in advance. This reduces the chances of conflict and makes things even more humorous. You can also film the bride answering the question and show it to the groom if he isn’t present during the game.

Ask the Question

Once everything is arranged, gather the supplies and organise the hen party. Make sure the drinks or the punishment you choose are ready before asking the questions. Show the groom’s answer to the bride after she answers questions to confirm whether she is right or wrong. Brides have the liberty to deny answering a question if they’re not comfortable with it. The intention of the game is to have fun so don’t pressure the bride into answering questions if they don’t want to. You can then organise the same game for the groom’s stag do a party just to make sure both get a chance at the game. The process is the same though it is a good idea to choose different questions for it.

Top 50 mr & mrs questions: how to play the hen party mr & mrs game
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Mr and Mrs Quiz Questions

Naughty  Questions

Naughty Mr and Mrs Quiz questions are the best way to make the game fun for everyone involved. Make sure the bride and groom are truly comfortable with the questions before including them. You can choose just how naughty these questions are. Make sure you keep the audiences in mind while asking these questions. Here’s a list of some of the most popular Naughty Mr and Mrs quiz questions today:

1. What was the naughtiest thing your partner ever did in school or college?
2. Name the riskiest place where you and your partner had sex.
3. What is your partner’s favourite kink?
4. Is he a boobs man or a butt man?
5. What features does she find most attractive in men?
6. Who is more likely to have a hookup with a person of the same gender?
7. The one exception – Which celebrity does your partner think you would get it on with?
8. What is the bride’s bra size?
9. If your partner got a chance to hook up with a celebrity, who would it be?
10. What would your partner like to see you dressed up as?
11. What is your partner’s favourite sex position?
12. What does your partner think is your favourite sex position?
13. On a Scale of 1-10, how adventurous is your partner?
14. On the same scale, how adventurous does your partner think you are?
15. Will your partner be willing to be sexually dominated in the bedroom?
16. If you choose to have a threesome, which female celebrity would your partner want to be a part of the night?
17. If you choose to have a threesome, which male celebrity would you partner want to be a part of the night?

18. What features does your partner find most sexually attractive in you?
19. On which date did you sleep with your partner?
20. Where does your partner dream to have sex? In which country, state, holiday destination, or location?

These questions will add a little bit of flair and naughtiness to your Mr and Mrs Game. Most of these questions are pretty tame but you can replace a few of them if needed.

Funny Mr and Mrs Quiz Questions

What better way to start a new journey and relationship than with laughter? If you’re not comfortable with naughty questions or have younger people in the audience, it is a good idea to stick with funny but PG-13 questions. Here’s a list of some of the most popular humorous Mr. and Mrs. quiz questions for your hen party game:

1. What is your partner’s most embarrassing hobby or skill?
2. If your partner was a Marvel superhero, who would he be and why?
4. If your partner was a DC villain, who would he be and why?
5. If your partner was ever a celebrity, what would he be famous for and what kind of celebrity would he be?
6. Who is your partner’s celebrity crush now and who was it during high school?
7. What kind of drunk is he?
8. What would your partner say is your worst habit?
9. What do you think is your partner’s worst habit?
10. If there’s a fire, what is the first thing your partner would grab on his way out of the danger?
11. If your partner was stuck on an island, what would they like to have with them?
12. What does your partner think he is good at but is mistaken?
13. What is your partner good at but thinks he can’t do?
14. Who does your partner think would be more popular at an auction?

15. Who does your partner think is a better kisser?
16. Who is better able to handle alcohol amongst the two of you?
17. If your partner wrote an autobiography, what do you think its title will be?
18. If your partner was a supernatural creature, what do you think he will be?
19. What is your partner’s favourite joke and do you think it is as funny as he thinks it is?
20. If your partner could only eat one thing for all his life, what would he eat?

All of these questions have very funny answers and will allow the couple to harmlessly poke fun at each other’s peculiarities. You can always replace any questions that cause any discomfort, or that you feel are offensive.

Questions for Him

The Mr And Mrs Game isn’t just for brides. Grooms can play it too and try their hand at the questions. You don’t need to ask him the same questions you asked the bride. To keep things interesting and different, ask the groom a different set of questions that he doesn’t have time to prepare for. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting questions to ask:

1. What is her greatest ambition in life?
2. What is her dream destination to visit and why?
3. If there was one thing she could change about the world, what would it be?
4. What is her guilty pleasure – television program, movie, or novel?
5. If she were to describe herself in five words, what would they be?
6. What are the five words you would use to describe her?
7. What is her biggest pet peeve?
8. What does she consider her worst characteristic to be?
9. Name 10 things you are most likely to find in her handbag.
10. Which celebrity do you think is most like her either in looks or personality?

11. If she was a fictional character, which one do you think she would be?
12. Is she organised or is she most likely to use wedding planning tool?
13. Is she a cat person or a dog person?
14. As a child, what did she want to be when she grew up?
15. What do you think she is afraid of but needs to try at least once?
16. Is she a night owl or an early riser?
17. Name one thing that is likely to make her laugh and one thing that is likely to make her cry.
18. What is the one item of food she can’t live without?
19. What is her favourite type of music and who is her favourite musician?
20. What is her favourite item of clothing to wear?
All of these questions will showcase just how well the groom knows the bride and it might even open up a few conversations. Make sure you clear the list with the bride first to ensure she is comfortable with the questions being answered.

Questions for Her

The Mr And Mrs Game is usually played by the bride and her party. Most of the questions available online take that into account and are suitable for the bride. In this section, we list some of the most unique as well as interesting questions found on the list.

1. What are the 5 things he finds most attractive about you?
2. If he was a car, what brand and model would he be and why?
3. Which 5 things that are likely to make him very emotional?
4. What are his top three favourite possessions?
5. Name five of your habits he is most irritated by.
6. What is most likely to frustrate or anger him?
7. If he was a Disney character, who would he be?

8.  Is he tidy and organized or messy and chaotic?
9. What is one ridiculous thing he is absolutely passionate about?
10. What kind of sleeper is he? Does he snore, lie still, or flail around?
11. If there was a movie about his life, which actor would play his role?
12. Which songs are likely to be on his favourite Spotify playlist?
13. If he was an animal, what creature would he be and why?
14. Name his most defining trait in one word.
15. You, his car, his job, and his game console: arrange according to his priorities.
(Choose what is relevant to the groom’s interests.)
16. Is he a wild party animal, quiet scholar, bohemian artist, or a calm homebody?
17. How many times did he take the driving test before he earned his license?
18. How confident is he in social situations? Does he draw large crowds to him?
19. Does he cook? If he does which is his best dish and best cuisine.
20. Would you trust him to choose your wedding dress and your bridesmaid dresses?

These questions are great for bachelorette party because they’re not generic and helps showcase what is unique about their relationship. You can easily replace the questions that aren’t relevant to your interests or the groom’s personality. Remove any questions that are too personal or ones that you feel are in bad taste.

Relationship Mr & Mrs Questions

While any kind of questions focused on the bride and groom are fun, questions on their relationship provide a better insight into the couple. They’re also ideal for weddings
because this event is about their relationship, after all! Make sure the relationship-related questions aren’t too personal and intimate because the couple might not be comfortable sharing the answers with the guests at the wedding reception. Here are some of the most popular questions in the category.

1. Who was the first person to say ‘I love you’ in the relationship?

2. Who is more likely to catch a spider and take it out of the room?
3. Who is the responsible one and who has a reckless streak?
4. Who is more likely to become frustrated when things are delayed and who is most likely to be late?
5. Who is most likely to jump out of the plane first during skydiving?
6. Who takes the most time to get ready in the morning?
7. If you had a million pounds, who would splash out on a wedding venue?
8. What would the title of a Romcom movie based on your relationship be?
9. Who is most likely to make a big romantic gesture during a special occasion?
10. How long did it take for you to have your first kiss after meeting?
11. What were his exact words during the proposal?
12. Who is the most level-headed one in the relationship?
13. Who loses the argument most often in the relationship?
14. Who is the biggest spender in the relationship?
15. Who’s more like to take out wedding insurance?
16. Which is the first movie you saw together and who chose it?
17. Who has the worst handwriting?
18. If you were stranded together in an isolated place, where would you rather be?
19. Who controls the T.V. remote in your house?
20. Who is likely to set the house on fire while cooking and why?

There are many more interesting and humorous relationship questions you can ask the couple during the Mr And Mrs Game. These types of questions tend to highlight just how suited the bride and groom are for each other. Looking for wedding readings? find wedding reading ideas here

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