Do you need to give your best wedding anniversary wishes to a loved one? Whether you’re saying happy anniversary to your partner, your parents or to your friends, we bring you the top ways to send your greetings!

Simply writing “Happy Anniversary” doesn’t really cut it when it comes to wishing someone special a wonderful day. However, it can be difficult to get inspiration for a heartfelt message that really expresses what you want to say. Since everybody appreciates the personal touch, here is a comprehensive expert guide to help you on your way to writing the perfect wedding anniversary wishes card.

Say It With Romance

Do you need to give a couple your best wedding anniversary wishes? Then these sweet and romantic messages are the ideal choice. Couples are sure to appreciate these sentiments that are the perfect combination of warm wishes for a happy future and congratulations on another happy year of marriage.

You can create your own bespoke wedding anniversary wishes by writing some of the top phrases and words that enter your mind whenever you think of your partner or the couple in question. But it could be easier to use one of these examples, personalising it to your own requirements.

  • You’ve shared laughter and love together over the years, and I’m sure there’ll be countless joyful moments to come. This card is to wish you happiness, not only on the day of your anniversary, but for every day in your future.”
  • Wishing a perfect wedding anniversary to the perfect pair.
  • You both shine bright with your love for each other. I hope that light only shines more brightly with each year that passes. 
  • May your love for each other today only grow in strength and happiness with each passing year.
  • Congratulations on one more joyful year of love. Happy anniversary!
  • May each day that you share with each other be more beautiful. Happy anniversary!
  • Another year! You’ve made it! Wishing a happy anniversary to you both and hoping you’ll enjoy many more to come. 
  • Well done for making marriage look easy! Wishing you another happy year together.
  • Congratulations! Enjoy one more year walking heart-in-heart and hand-in-hand along life’s path together.
  • I can still see the love between you, even after all those years. You set an example for everyone and may you long continue in your happiness together.
  • Here’s to one more wonderful year gone by and wishing you another thrilling year to come. May your love grow each day and may the dreams you share come true.
  • You might both be weird, but you’re so right together!
100 Top Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Next Greetings Card
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Wishing Your Husband A Happy Anniversary

Writing a message in a card to give your husband wedding anniversary wishes can be a real challenge, but these messages could perfectly sum up the way you feel…

  • On this, our anniversary, I’d like to tell you how much I’ve loved another year of annoying you and how happy I am that I get to carry on annoying you forever!”
  • One more year of beautiful memories that we’ve shared. Happy anniversary my love, and here’s hoping we enjoy another year getting even closer.
  • I’m so lucky to have you as my husband. Happy anniversary darling – wishing us many more happy years together.
  • You’re my number one husband to date!
  • I love you more today than I did on our wedding day. Here’s to us.
  • I only wish I’d found you earlier so I could have loved you for even longer. Have a wonderful anniversary darling.
  • Having you as my husband is like living with a best friend who’s selectively deaf! I wouldn’t want things any other way though. Happy anniversary!
  • Thank you for making this another wonderful year of love and happiness. I promise I’ll dedicate myself to making the next year our happiest yet.
  • Even after all these years, my heart skips a beat when I look at your face. 
  • Happy anniversary wishes for the best husband ever. I love you more than anything. 
  • You might snore and leave towels all over the bathroom floor, but you’re perfect to me.
  • There’s nobody else I’d rather fall asleep on the sofa with.
  • Thanks for loving me darling. I love you more than anything.
100 Top Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Next Greetings Card
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How To Wish Your Wife Happy Anniversary

Many men find it difficult to come up with something beautiful and heartfelt to write in their card when they’re sending wedding anniversary wishes to their wives. Luckily, these messages will help to point you in the right direction with lovely words she’s bound to appreciate.

  • You’re always there when I need you, not just today but every day of our lives. Thank you and happy anniversary.
  • Looking forward to another wonderful year with my wonderful other half. 
  • I’m so lucky to have you as my wife. Happy anniversary my darling.
  • There’s nowhere else in the world I want to be but by your side my love. Happy anniversary.
  • Even when you’re old and grey I’ll still adore you. Wishing you a wonderful anniversary love of my life.
  • Having you in my life makes each day perfect. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have your love.
  • I still can’t believe that I get to love you and laugh with you each day.
  • I knew you were the one for me the day we met and every day I love you more. Here’s to one more perfect year baby.
  • All the most successful marriages have teamwork as their foundation. I’m glad to have you on my team. 
  • It may have been tough this year, but together, we’re tougher! Even though the world isn’t always certain, I’m always sure of my love for you.
  • Destiny helped me find you and forever isn’t long enough for me to tell you how much I love you. 
  • I really don’t know what I’d do without you in my life and I don’t want to ever find out. Wishing us many years of happiness and love. 
  • You face is my favourite in all the world. 
  • Happy anniversary soul mate – you’re my best friend and beautiful wife. 
  • I still can’t believe I’ve managed to snag a woman as funny, gorgeous and loving as you. Without a doubt, marrying you has been the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. 
100 Top Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Next Greetings Card
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Parental Wedding Anniversary Wishes

When your parents reach their next wedding anniversary, you’ll probably be sending them an anniversary card wishing them love and happiness. If you’re wondering what to write you’re sure to get inspiration here. 

  • Thanks for showing me how wonderful marriage can be. Happy anniversary to my wonderful parents.
  • Hoping my future will look just like your present. Wishing you both a wonderful anniversary and many more happy years to come. 
  • I see you making each other happy each day and it warms my heart. May you carry on making each other happy with every passing year. 
  • Through good and bad, you’ve pulled together and come through despite all the odds. You’ve shown me the importance of patience, love and teamwork. Happy anniversary mum and dad, and may the example you’ve set put me in good stead for a happy future of my own.
  • You inspire everyone who knows you and I’m so lucky you’re my parents. Happy anniversary. 
  • You were destined to always be together. Look back fondly on your anniversary over the years you’ve spent together and look forward with excitement to your future together. 

The Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Siblings Or Friends 

When you’re trying to come up with the best wedding anniversary wishes to write in a card for your brother, sister or friends, you might want to go with something more informal, but no less meaningful. Why not choose one of these messages, or use one as an inspiration for your own?

  • I remember when you both fancied each other but were too scared to ask each other out. Look how far you’ve come now! Happy anniversary to you both and congratulations.
  • Wishing my beautiful friends the best anniversary ever. Looking forward to many more wonderful years of your love. 
  • Your love is so clear to see and it makes us all so happy. Hoping your anniversary is everything you always dreamed of. 
  • May your romance never end, and your love continue to grow with each year that goes by.
  • Both of you are special in unique ways, but when you’re together you make an unstoppable pair. May next year bring you even more excitement and adventures!
  • You complete each other and make each other’s lives better. Enjoy each other more each day.
  • What’s your plans for tonight? Going out for dinner? Hope you booked a space for me! Happy anniversary!
  • Who’d have thought that all these years would have passed and you’re still just as in love as you were the day you got married. Wishing you many more happy years together. 

Amusing Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Sometimes, a formal message doesn’t quite express what you want to say. If you’re the sort of person who’s best known for laughing and joking around, you might want to select one of these amusing wedding anniversary wishes instead. 

  • It’s a little known secret that the happiest marriages come with knowing what your partner enjoys in bed. Usually, it’s coffee and toast!
  • I always wanted to marry someone gorgeous, funny and sweet. But I suppose you’ll do instead! Just joking – love you baby!
  • You go together like brandy and Babycham. Save one for me will you?
  • Why have I stayed with you for so long? Well it’s simple really. You do all the cooking and cleaning. Oh, and you think my jokes are funny. Long may that continue!
  • I’m going to confess to something… I’ve fallen in love with someone. It’s you!
  • I adore you and want to kick you really hard in equal measure. It’s the perfect marriage!
  • It might be cheesy, but I always knew you’d brie together forever. Have a wonderful day!
  • Sorry no refunds. You’re stuck with me! Well done for surviving one more year with me darling.
  • Every day I love you a little bit more. Except last Saturday when you were annoying. Happy anniversary!
  • I really don’t understand why other people don’t feel jealous when they look at you. After all, you’ve married the funniest, most gorgeous person ever. I suppose I didn’t do bad with you either…
  • You’re the best wife I’ve ever had…so far.
  • There’s nobody else I’d want to get bored with. Wishing us the best anniversary!
  • It’s amazing we’ve managed to stay together for…well…however many years we’ve stayed together. Have a wonderful anniversary!
  • I suppose I’ll suffer you for another year. Happy anniversary!

Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Those Milestone Occasions

All anniversaries are important, but you can’t deny that life’s biggest milestones such as ten, 25 or 50 years of marriage are the perfect reason to celebrate. Tailor your anniversary wishes so your partner knows just how much they’re loved, even after all those years, using these messages as a basis for inspiration. 

  • The years may go by, but our love just gets stronger and stronger. Happy [10th/25th/50th etc] anniversary!
  • It all began with our dream of having a beautiful life together. Now, that dream has come true. Cheers to [10/25/50] years of marriage!
  • Happy [10/25/50th] anniversary to my gorgeous other half. I cherish you more each year.
  • Even after [10/25/50] years I have never met anybody more kind, loving and beautiful than you. Wishing you the happiest anniversary my true love. 
  • After [10/25/50] years there’s still nowhere I’d rather be than in your arms. 
  • Happy [10/25/50th] anniversary darling. We’ve already enjoyed so many amazing memories. Here’s to lots more!
  • I have no words that can describe how much I love you on this, our [10/25/50th] wedding anniversary. 
  • We might look a little different to how we looked on our wedding day. But now, even though we’re [10/25/50] years older, I still find you as gorgeous as I did back then. Happy anniversary my love.
  • When I think of all the wonderful memories we’ve made over the last [10/25/50] years, it makes me smile. I’m so excited about what our next [10/25/50] years will bring!
  • I always knew our marriage would last and I know that it’s still going strong. Cheers to yet another [10/25/50] years together sweetheart.

Keeping It Brief With Short And Sweet Wedding Anniversary Wishes

It isn’t how much you write that matters, it’s the sentiment behind the words. Perhaps you’ve chosen a card that has summed up everything you want to say. Or maybe you’re just not the gushing type. Regardless, it’s perfectly fine to have a personal message that is short but sweet. Here are just a few brief wedding anniversary wishes that will tick all your boxes. 

  • Wishing the ideal pair the ideal day.
  • Anniversary cheers!
  • Here’s to one more year of happiness together.
  • Hope you’re enjoying looking back on those happy memories together.
  • Happy [number] anniversary you pair of old lovebirds!
  • I always knew that you two were special together.
  • Hoping the year to come is even happier than this one.
  • I can’t believe you’ve been married so long! Here’s to another year of joy!
  • Happiness and love to one of my favourite couples.
  • Warm wishes to both of you today.
  • One more year, one more reason for celebration!
  • Congratulations once more!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes In Difficult Times

While anniversaries are often the happiest of occasions, sometimes they fall at a difficult time. Perhaps the couple are going through challenges such as a job loss or serious illness. Or maybe they’ve been experiencing some marital problems. Whatever situation your loved ones have found themselves in, you should still acknowledge their anniversary and take the time to send warm wishes their way with one of the following messages. 

  • You may have seen some ups and down this year, but you’ve met them together. Celebrate that today on your anniversary.
  • Take some time out today to celebrate your love.
  • Whatever your lives bring, your love will see you through.
  • Even with everything that’s happening, find time to spend together today.
  • For better or for worse – you really took it on board this year. Hope things are better next year.
  • Taking a moment to celebrate your love.
  • Wishing you both the best on your anniversary.
  • When your love is this strong, you’ll survive anything together.
  • Honouring you both today on this, your anniversary.

100.Love can endure all things. Yours has endured more than most this year. May you have a    

happier year to come.

Top Tips For Writing Your Own Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Although the messages we’ve suggested here express a wide range of warm wishes to partners, siblings, friends and parents, they may not say exactly what you want to convey to your loved ones on the occasion of their anniversary. Luckily, it needn’t be difficult to come up with your own heartfelt compliments. Here are some top tips for writing your own wedding anniversary wishes that are sure to fit the bill.

  • Select the right card – before you even start writing in the card, make sure you’ve chosen one that suits the personalities and style of the recipient. Will they prefer something romantic or something funny? Does the couple in question share a hobby that could be depicted on their card? Find something that is likely to appeal to the recipient and that’s the basis on which you can begin writing your personal message. 
  • Keep it personal – the person or people receiving the card will be sure to cherish it forever, especially if they’re celebrating an anniversary milestone. If you keep it as personal as possible it’s sure to have an even more profound impact on the recipient. Don’t forget to sign the card too – you can’t assume they’ll be able to recognise your writing!
  • Consider your relationship – if it isn’t your anniversary you should think about the relationship you have with the couple in question. Writing something a little risqué is probably fine if you’re sending the card to your friend or even your sibling. However, if you’re sending it to your parents it’s possible the funny side might not be so obvious! Bear in mind whether the recipients are likely to prefer something amusing or something formal and tailor your message accordingly.
  • Plan ahead – you want to be sure that your message comes out right first time and the best way to make sure that it’s perfect is to write it out on rough paper first. That allows you to change the wording around until you’ve got it just right. Before writing it down, read the message out loud first just to make sure it makes sense. That way, you can be certain you’re giving the right impression and haven’t accidentally said something that could be taken the wrong way.
  • Ending your card properly – finding a warm way to close off before finally signing your card is important if you want to get the anniversary message just right. Here are just a few closings that you could opt for:
    • Warmly
    • Love
    • Warmest congratulations
    • Lots of love
    • With love for you both
    • Cheers!
    • Much love to both of you
    • Here’s to you both!
    • Love always
    • Happy anniversary!
    • Best wishes today and always
    • All the best
    • Blessings
    • Bless both of you
    • Wishing you happiness today and forever

Follow these top tips and you’ll find that you can truly express your best wedding anniversary wishes in the way you want.