Wedding Reading Ideas & Writing Tips

Wedding reading ideas can be generated from a wide range of concepts. Whether you are planning a honourous wedding reading or serious reading, there’s a lot of things to consider. One main thing to remember is that you want to write a beautiful wedding piece that will embody the relationship that you share with your partner.

Like wedding styles, just about anything goes when it comes to modern wedding readings. However, if you are reading your vows in a church, its best to sound out your priest first because some might veto non-religious wedding readings or funny wedding readings. This is something you would need to keep in view while making your choice.

Choosing wedding readings for your big day is one of the pleasantest tasks of wedding planning. Regardless of the type of ceremony you have decided to have, there is usually scope to fit in a couple of wedding ceremony readings. Often this is something that you’ll discuss with your fiancé.

Alongside your vows, wedding readings from literature are often the part of the ceremony that brings tears of joy to people’s eyes. When you start to look, you will find that there is no shortage of passion and in some cases humour. In short, there is something out there for everyone.

What sets a wedding apart from any other party is the ceremony. Some people find it very easy to choose unusual wedding readings to express their love. But many find themselves at sea when they are choosing wedding poems and readings, and they just don’t know where to start.

There are many great wedding passages and poems worth considering for your ceremony. The question is how do you find a beautiful and short wedding reading to suit you and your wedding. If you are having a religious church ceremony, then modern wedding readings non-religious might not be the right choice. Here are a few ideas worth thinking about;

Tips To Choose Unique Wedding Readings

There’s a reason why popular readings become popular- these are commonly read at many ceremonies and talk about how ‘love is kind,’ ‘love is patient’ and more. These are easy to find, which makes them convenient for many people. If this is something you prefer in place of a bible wedding reading, then you are sure to find plenty of options on the Internet.

2. Focus on Personalisation

If you prefer something more significant to yourself and your partner then you need to focus on searching for something personal. This also gives you the opportunity to discuss the meanings of not just your relationship, but your ceremony as well.

If the wedding is to be held in a church, synagogue, or any other religious setting, you might be limited to conventional, biblical wedding readings. As mentioned at the outset, consult with your officiant or spiritual leader about what is accepted. They might have some suitable suggestions for you.

Wedding Reading Ideas For Your Ceremony

When looking for wedding reading ideas, there are no limitations, you might also want to consider wedding ceremony readings which are non-religious or even funny wedding readings from movies. The idea is to find something that suits your preferences and the overall ceremony.

Your fiancé might have some modern wedding readings from song lyrics that they like, or you might have some non-cheesy wedding readings that you find suitable.

Someone who is lighthearted by nature may be interested in making all their guests laugh, and could opt for hilarious or quirky wedding readings. You can discuss your choices with each other and find something that truly syncs with your feelings and personalities.

Wedding Reading Ideas For Your Ceremony

3. Where to Find Inspiration

You can look for inspiration just about anywhere. As a matter of fact, when you are in love with someone and are planning your wedding, you’re more likely to notice love in various places, because you are in that frame of mind. Your wedding readings give you the perfect opportunity to express your feelings.

When you read books, watch movies, or listen to music, you might come across a passage that really appeals to you. If you have a special song in mind why not consider including it in your ceremony.

4. Wedding Reading Ideas -Number of Readings and The Length

Most ceremonies typically have two or three readings. If you have some additional music or are featuring a solo musician, you may want to consider only one reading. Having too many song lyrics for wedding readings can easily overshadow your ceremony. If you really like many different pieces, consider including them in other programs, your toasts or even your thank you notes.

Lastly, when it comes to modern wedding reading idead you should alwasy bear in mind each reading about your friends should last for about two to three minute each or five minutes in total. If your religious wedding readings have complex poetry and verses, try to combine it with some simple words for a better understanding. Even if you are planning on hilarious wedding readings, make sure it reads and sounds right.

Overly sentimental or romantic or sentimental prose would need some amount of lightness, of course. If you find yourself suddenly worrying about your wedding budget, guest lists, and other arrangements, searching unusual wedding readings or non-religious readings can prove to be the break you need. In addition, spend some time with your fiancé, discuss the readings you like, and find out what he or she wants too.  The idea is to make the search for the perfect alternative wedding readings exciting and romantic.